Daily Dog Walks

Do you have an active dog or one that requires multiple walks per day? Let Cory's Critter Care take your pet for a half hour mid-day walk. We'll also make sure your pets have fresh water and give your dog treats and food if you'd like. Perfect for the professional who works long hours, you'll come home to an exercised and happy dog!

This is a 30 minute visit.
$18.00 per walk
$34.00 for 2 walks per day

Overnight Pet Visits.
Dogs, Cats, Horses and more.

For the times you have to be away from your pets, we will come stay in your home with your animals from 6-7pm to 7-8am. We will feed, walk, clean litter boxes, pick up poop, provide fresh water, administer any necessary medications and play with your pets. We will also take out/ bring in your trash, newspaper and mail. Water household plants, and open/close curtains and rotate lights while you are gone.

Dog, cat and small animals starting at $50.00 per night.
Ranch over nights starting at $75.00 per night.
Call for individual quote for your furrbabies.

Quick stop

A 15 minute visit to your dog or cat for a quick potty break, play time, or a quick walk to stretch their legs. We can also clean litter boxes, pick up poop and give fresh water.

$15.00 for dogs, cats, and all small animals.

Pet Taxi

Cory's Critter Care will safely transport your pet to the vetrinarian, groomer or other pet commitment that you may not be able to attend. Please call at least 24 hours in advance to ensure availability.

$12.00 fee plus $1.00 per mile.

Errands and more

Trying to get to the drycleaners before they close, pick up a few things at the grocery store or pick up that prescription? We are available to do that for you too.

Ask for quote on your individual needs.